Dethonray Honey H1


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The Dethonray Honey H1 is a high quality USB DAC and flexible High End Headphone amplifier. 


The Dethonray Honey is  portable and designed for desktop use and on the go. 

Equipped with its own battery to ensure the highest level power circuitry with the amplifier and USB DAC.  

The smart design and used components make the Dethonray very suitable for sensitive “In Ear Monitors”.  

The ample power also makes the Dethonray the ideal amplifier for demanding large headphones. 

Chassis Sandblasted CNC Aluminum/ Blue
Compatible  Android/iOS/Windows/Linux
DSD: DSD64 / DSD128
PCM: 16Bit/44.1K – 32Bit/384K
Max Power Output Single End:  6Vrms (32Ω)

Balanced:   6.2Vrms (300Ω)

Performance  THD :  0.008%  / SNR:  116db
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Battery : 5300 mAH
Battery  life: 3.5 mm 10 hours  / 4.4 mm  8 hours
Charging: 5V 2A / 3.5 Hours / USB-C connector
Bluetooth: NO
Input data: 1 x USB-C 
Outputs: 1 x 3.5mm Line Out/Optical
Headphone output: 1 x 3.5 mm headphone, 1 x 4.4 mm headphone (balanced)
Dimensions: 137 x 70 x 19 mm
Weight: 256 gram


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